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    I ordered it online for that free deal, so i got the phone for free, I got a normal plan and all and cingular delivered the phone. I turned it on to set it up and all it says is insert card, I didn't receive the sim card with my order, have any of you could remember any times when your phone was delivered in the mail and your sim card arrived a little bit later.

    my suggestion is that if you want a cool ringtone follow these steps:

    1) Find your favorite song on a cd or computer or whatever (as long as you can listen on speakers)

    2) Play the song on your speakers loudly

    3) turn your voice recorder on and when the song gets to the part you want as your ring, record it.

    then you can get mp3 ringers with the lyrics as your ringtone, its great!

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    I also recieved my LG L1400 from cingular, through the mail. But I was upgrading so i took my old phones sim card out of my phone, and placed it into the new phone. If you are not upgrading, i imagine you have to get a sim card from your wireless provider. If there is not a cingular store around you, i would call them, i have called them a million times and they are very helpful.

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    OMG!, I've been trying to do that for a while but i cant figure out how to set voice recording as a ringtone? COULD YOU PLEASE HELP!It would be a great favor


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