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    I just got the phone yesterday, and i have figured out how to turn it to manner mode where it vibrates but dosnt ring and all. One question tho, is there any way for me to set it up to vibrate when it rings as well. I was in the car today on the way home from the mall, and had the music up fairly loud and missed 5 calls becasue i couldnt hear it ring in my pocket. I have looked through the manual but couldnt find anything on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Okay, LG has produced this kind of technology so it seems kinda like loops. Manner mode is their style of making any call vibrate, and keeping things quiet. The thing i would suggest is opening up the fone, and hitting the volume key all the way up in the idle screen (the page after you hit "end") and then you would have it ring loud, and have the phone vibrate.

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