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    OK, I need to know a few things about my L1400
    1)could sumone please tell me if I can change the front display to keep it on all the time (now it has an ugly screen saver)

    2)what does the infared thingy do

    3)my phone automaticly exits my menu sometimes, can i fix that

    4)how do i forward my calls to my home phone

    5)can i change the cingular banner on the inner display

    Answer as many as you can please

    See More: L1400 help........i will reward with all my cpf$(if that is allowed)

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    Well, I can help a little...

    1. No, you cannot change the front screen saver. The stupid Cingular logo is stuck there until someone finds a way to get rid of it.
    2. The Infrared is basicly just for when you have an Infrared piece connected to your computer and the software to sync it with your PC. A data cable would do the same thing.
    3. The phone is always going to exit the menu if you keep it on there (I believe) and there is no way (that I know of) to change that.
    4. To forward your calls to your home phone, just go into Settings, then go to Call Settings, and from there go to Call Forwarding. When you get there, select all voice calls, then select activate, and then to other number. From there, type in your home phone and hit OK. To deactivate it, go back to the All Voice Calls and hit Cancel.
    5. No you cannot.

    I hope this helps! And dont worry about the cpf... I dont want it.

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    You can take pictures and then go to settings click sub display and you can use the pictures you taken as a back ground for then outer screen on you phone. but you cant download anything for it. infrared i beleive is for faxing things and stuff.
    *~* jennie *~*

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