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    I think my phones crazy or something...i cant listen to my voice messages for some reason. Can someone post up somethin that shows me how to listen to my voicemail. I thought i was doing it right...but im goin nowhere...

    Someone help me out on how to listen to my voicemails.....tutorial for a guy with a stupid phone needed......

    See More: VX6000 Voice Messaging
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    Just remember if your not using a pre-set speed dial number to call your voice mail you will need to dial all 10-digits of your cell phone number in order to call your voice mail from your cell phone.

    I don't know if that the issue or not - if you can access your voice mail, but just don't know the password ... try a default of 9999. If you need your password reset, just call your provider and ask them to do that.

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    Brian, what do you mean you can't listen to your voicemail??
    (On my phone) all I have to do is go to "menu", then "messages" then (if I have a voicemail) select "voice" ... from there I enter my passcode and I am then able to listen to my voicemail(s)
    But, you may be having different problems... try to explain into more detail what's happening

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