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    My sons bought my wife a new phone for mothers day, a LG LX5550, but they lost the users manual before they got the phone sent to her :-(. I have done some reading on the internet, and have her up and running, but she has a few questions, that I cannot answer, and dont know if she is having a problem with her phone, or not? First off, she says the phone switches off on her, if it is left "untouched" for long periods of time. She works in a school and leaves the phone in her car, and when she comes out after work, it has been switched off. Her old "dinosaur" phone would stay on all day, and I guess she liked that aspect, as she says she forgets to turn her new one back on, and misses several calls. Is there a energy savings type setting on her new phone, that I can change, to keep her phone on at all times, and her happy? Also, she doesnt like the fact she has to flip the lid to see who is calling her, is there a setting that will display the number who is calling her on the outside of the phone? Thanks for any "help" you may be able to render!

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    you might wanna call the service provider and i'm sure they could help you.

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    I downloaded the Manual in pfd format, If you want a copy let me know. Or do a search and find one. I used Google to find mine.

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