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    I have a VX6000 and I can't use the minibrowser so how do I go about doing that?

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    Just email them to your phone (10-digit [email protected])
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    You can get the Susteen Data Pilot software and cable. I have it for my LG6100 phone. It's real easy to use and relativley inexpensive. It cost me around $35.00 from Chumbo.com Then you can download your pics from your phone to your computer and then do what ever you want with them. The software also has a basic photoshop type imaging editor. You can also manage your address book and ringtones with this software. But you MUST use their cable!! My friend went an bouight an aftermarket cable. Didn't work! OH another tip. LOAD the software FIRST, before connecting your phone to the computer! After you load the software go and get the update, then connect your phone and have fun! Hope this helps!

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    You could also check out MMS_Diary.

    If you load it on a server with MySql database and Php, it will automatically display photos you upload...the last one first.

    This can get a bit complicated if you don't have WAP/Internet enabled on the phone but it can certainly be done.

    By adjusting the settings in the phone, instead of sending it to VZWPIX you send it to your own website and MMS_Diary grabs it there.


    There are threads on HowardForums' LG location to tell you how to change the settings in the phone to do this.

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