Hi, here is want you wanted (that's if you were looking for this)...

Your Unlock code is 36297900. Please follow the enclosed instructions. Each
code is unique and is based on the IMEI number if the phone. The phone company
has reprogrammed some phones to block access to certain menus to keep their
phones from being unlocked. If you have any problems or if for some reason the
supplied code does not work please send us the phone with the battery fully
charged and WITHOUT the SIM card and we will return it the same day we receive
it at our expense.

1. Turn ON the phone with the working SIM Card (of your current Network

2. Press 2945#*5101#

3. Press Menu 555

4. Select Network.

5. Choose OFF.

Thereafter, enter the code given to you. Please ensure that you have entered
the correct code.

5. Your phone should be unlocked.

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