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    Yo, I just made my ringtone, converted it to WAV, cropped it, converted back to MP3 etc. Anyway, i dont have a cable, so i was trying to email it to my phone (have unlimited texting), however, when i tried to upload it into my message it said it was an unsupported file type (im guessing because its audio?) is there anyway to load it on?

    P.S. I am using a LG VX6100

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    All I can think of is to make sure it is still in MP3 format and that you are capable of receiving PIX messages. I just sent one to my phone that way last nite and it did fine. It comes up as a PIX message on the phone and then you just save the sound. Send yourself a picture too and then you get a 2 for 1 deal on your PIX allowance!

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    Mammabear66 is right.

    That is the best way to receive music files.

    Or record a song if your phone supports it (like my 8000 does).
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