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    hey! My mom has an LG phone, it's the one the blue cover but no caller ID on the outside. I cannot remember the model number, sorry! But ne wayz, her phone started showing "carkit" on the screen, everything comes on and works, but she cannot get calls or hear any sound, or dial out! We dont know what is going on and no one else does. She took it to the Verizon place and they told her that LG phones said carkit when they got wet, and that she would have to buy a new phone and they didnt even look at it! Please help us fix this!!! Thanks!

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    I am having the same problem with my sons phone. When I called Verizon the tech said that this is a software defect with this model. He said to take it to a verizon store and the could fix it by plugging a car kit into the jack. I already had one so I tried it and it didn't work. Called back and had another tech tell me that this was a software defect and that I was eligble for a new phone 1week by mail or just take it to a Verizon store. At the store they said the phone had gotten wet and there was nothing they could do about it. Called verizon again from home and had yet another tech tell me it was a software defect and to go to my local Verizon store for a new phone. Have you resolved your problem yet? jim

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    My husbands phone had the exact same problem last week. The Verizon tech said the phone would need to be replaced, that the pins in the bottom, where the phone is connected to a car charger (or any charger for that matter) had somehow become bent. We hadn't had it all that long. When I brought the phone back home and told my husband he'd need to fork out more money for a new phone, he hit the roof. He started fiddling with those pins, straightened the errant one back, turned the phone back on and VOILA! the problem was solved. I know this reply is months after the fact, but hope it helps those that are given the runaround on this issue by Verizon.

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    Re: Help with LG phone "CARKIT" mode!!


    Thanks so much for the tip. I put my wife's phone back on the charger jack and wiggled it until the "Car Kit" message disappeared. I unplugged and the phone returned to normal .

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