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    I'm just wondering if anyone has had problems with LG in general. I have had a horrible experience with them. Specifically, I sent my phone in for antenna and battery problems. Incidentally, the metal clip that holds the phone charger in to the receptacle fell out so I mentioned that too. Now, they tell me that the receptacle problem is "physical damage" and that I have to pay $35 to repair it. After many miscommunications on their part (including them sending the phone back for no reason - plus they sent it back with pieces broken that were not broken when I originally sent it into them) and infuriating phone calls and emails with these people, I finally decide that I don't want the receptacle fixed (I don't need to use it, I have a cradle charger at home), but I do want what's under warranty to be fixed. The answer: no. They won't fix anything unless I pay $35 to pay for fixing the receptacle (even if I don't want it fixed) - and this includes the pieces that they broke while it was there.
    Any ideas on what I should do, where I should go, who I should talk to about this to get something done? It sounds like a scam to me and can't be legal - can it?

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    can you give details on what phone model you're talking about as well as service provider you are using your phone with?

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