I recently purchased a data transfer / charging cable through www.cellphonemall.net. When I got it, it didn't look anything like the picture on their website. I come here, and it is identical to the one recommended that is on the main LG forum page. I say this because I thought that the kind of cable I had was the problem. I thought that since my cable lacked a "box" in the middle, that it would not function the same as one with a box. The picture on this forum proves otherwise. However, when I connect the cable to my computer, and open BitPim, it says that it cannot detect any candidate ports for my cable and my VX 6100. OS X detects my cable in System Profiler, and it charges without fail, but I cannot do any data transfer whatsoever via BitPim. This was the main reason that I purchased the cable- for data transfer/ exchange. Any one knowledgeable about this sort of thing? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for the lengthy first post, but stumbling on this forum seemed like my light at the end of the tunnel!

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