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    I just recently got a Vx 7000 from verizon, signed the 2 year contract and all, and nine days after recieving it, it got wet. The jerks wont take it back and I am stuck with it. The phone still mostly works, the only problem is that it won't get a signal anywhere. Is there any common problem with this, or any circuit diagrams I could use to figure out whats going on. they also won't repair the phone, I am stuck with either a 150$ paperweight, or fixing it myself. Any help would be appreciated


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    That policy applies to all carriers, they wil not replace a water damaged phone, do you have insurance for it?

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    No I don't. I didn't see having to pay like 6$ a month plus 50 to get the cell phone as being reasonable. Plus I didn't get it really wet, got caught out in the rain. It wasn't that really wet at all(the only reason I found out it got wet was a day after it quit working, I took it to the verizon store and the tech told me that there is this secret patch on the battery that if it gets damp at all it changes color and voids the warranty) I think this is crap, if I had bought this thing from wal mart, they would have taken it back... but anyway..all I can do is try to fix it.
    My question is whether there is anyone who knows a circuit schematic to these this phone, as everything but the "picking up signal" part works on the phone. I am figuring that some part of the relay between the data send and the antenna must have been disturbed

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