I have an LG4015 on an ATT wireless plan. Evryone tells me this phone is troublesome. It is 9 months old and stared vibrating non-stop unless the battery is removed. As soon as you put it back in it starts vibrating again. Any idea why it does this or how I might try to fix it?

The phone lady opened and says it will not be covered under warranty since it had been wet. It was NEVER wet. I seldom use it and it is always kept in the holseter even when being charged. She said the red indicator behind the battery does not lie. I say it is a scam...how do I know humidity does not cause that little sucker to turn red. Any engineers out there know how much H2O it would take...if any...to make the color go red--AND if the amount can be caused by humidity is that likely to cause a phone problem?

It seems to me that this is just a way to void warranty claims....?


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