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    I have an LG VX 4500 and I'm scared right now. About an hour ago my water bottle spilled onto the phone and the phone vibrated and turned off. When I went to turn it back on it turned off again and I kept doing this.

    I went home and charged the phone until the battery was full and now when I go to turn it to... the red light on the side lights up as if the phone is on but the screen is blank. Anything I can do other than bring it in to get looked it which I'd like to avoid?


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    you should had let it dried completely before charging, most likely your phone is liquid damaged now and it wouldn't surprised me if it goes into "car kit mode"....

    let it dry completely.....do not charge it anymore until then..

    if you need a replacement you will have to go through insurance being the liquid damage is not covered through warranty...

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    Sorry to hear about your phone deeman, but like tony said, I think your phone is shot. If you do as Tony said, and it does come around, consider yourself very lucky. If it don't and you don't have insurance, I am sure sorry, but your going to have to pay full price for a new phone or get one off someplace like ebay.
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