i've been having tons of problems with this phone, and the one i have right now is the third one i've recieved because the other ones have broken. Now, it seems as if though my latest one has pretty much died too and since the warrenty has expired, not much i can really do.

Its odd now because like before, the screen has gone blank, but i can still dial numbers and go about normal functions; the screen just doesn't work.

My dillema is that i didn't save my contacts to my sim card and they are all on the phone. I was wondering if there is someone that could give me step-by-step instructions (by step-by-step, i mean "press right key, press 2, press 'mail' button, etc") on how to get to the "Copy contacts to sim" menu and help me copy my address to my sim card.

I would really appreciate the help because I will most likely loose a lot of my contacts if I cant save them to SIM. Thanks

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