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    I've had my phone since April. It's a little big for me for is easier to make calls with the larger keypad. I took pictures when I first bought it, but never have downloaded them onto the computer.
    One problem I have is I have to say "hello" twice because the caller does not hear me the first time. I mentioned this to Verizon and they say there's a 2 second delay. Also which is very agrevating is when I have a missed call or a voicemail, I get one notification when it comes in (a ringer, etc whatever option I choose) but don't get anymore notifications like I did with my Motorola. I keep my phone in my purse, so I have to keep checking for missed calls or new voicemails to check for any new symbols.
    There should be a beeping noise every so often to notify you of a missed call or voicemail.

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    You can take your phone in and get it flashed to the new firmware to get rid of that delay. I thought that was taken care of with all the black 7000's. I was a major problem for us that own the blue one, but firmware updates took care of that.

    As for your notification on missed calls or voicemail, you can set that up also. Just go into your sounds, find alert sounds and setup them up however you'd like.
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    Thank you for your reply...
    Verizon did the software upgrade, but it still does it on most of my incoming calls (can't hear me say hello the first time).
    I have the alert set, but it does it only once to alert me of a missed call or voicemail. Then that's it. No more alerts.

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