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    I have an LG VX6100 phone and would like to use it to send faxes. I'm running WinXP Pro and have the necessary data cable. I installed the drivers that came with the cable. And the phone was detected by WinXP. But when I try to fax a document, nothing happens. Can someone tell me what else needs to be set up in Windows to allow for faxing from the phone?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Im having the same problem, with the lg 5450. When i installed the drivers, it did not install a modem. I think its because there is no modem driver for the generic cable I got from ebay. The oem modem drivers cannot be used for the generic cable, windows xp says "this setup file is not for the hardware" or something like that if you try to manually install the modem from the oem driver files.

    It seems the only solution woudl be to buy the $50 data kit from telus or verizon and hope that works, or to find a data cable that comes with its own modem driver.

    Check your device manager (right click my comptuer, properties, hardware, device manager) to see if a modem was installed. Make sure yoru cable is plugged in when you check. The only thing installed on mine is a "usb data cable" which is only good for exhanging files and stuff between the phone and pc. If you find anything out, please let me know

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