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    Hello. I bought the LG VX7000 recently. It was this review that sold me: http://www.epinions.com/content_179578572420 . Anyway, my school campus has a large wifi network, which requires SSL authentication to sign on to. Is it possible for me to browse the web on my phone through the school's connection? I don't own a wireless router to serve it myself, but I do use a linux machine for serving while on this network.

    Someone on the forums said that since they have unlimited night and weekend minutes, they can use the internet at those times without paying minutes. I have the same plan, but I thought data minutes were different from voice minutes. And there's a difference between whether it's through mobile web or vcast or national access. Can you explain this?

    I got the VX7000 because I thought it would be most hackable, but now I'm hearing good things about the VX8000. It's only 20 bucks more, and I can trade my phone in if I act fast. Should I go for it? Is the VX8000 a lot better?

    I'm loving all these secret menus I've learned about. I can get GPS data, make it vibrate constantly, and change all of the default URLs used by the phone. It's nice they put so many debugging features in =]

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    First off...trade up to the 8000. It will be well worth it to you.

    Second, if you have an internet bundle on your phone, then yes, nights and weekends are indeed free. Besides data minutes, you also use your phones talk time minutes (they get ya twice this way).

    If you are trying to get free wap with the phone and not pay an internet package, then you should be checking into whether or not the 8000 is as hackable as the 7000 is. (By the way, I have both. The older blue 7000 and a 8000) My 7000 is hacked to death, but I haven't done much to the 8000.

    Here's a very good link that will explain what both phones can do, and also how to hack both.


    I hope it will help you!
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    Why would the 8000 be better for me?

    I went to the store and looked at the other phones. The 8100's design was kinda weird and chunky near the hinge-- I didn't like it. My vx7000 looks much better. Also, you can't turn the 8100's camera around. And all the internal menus look the same. Sure it can do vcast, but I am far from the vcast coverage areas. And it can do bluetooth, which might be nice since my laptop can too, but I've heard bluetooth phones are easily exploited by other people. Speakerphone doesn't matter to me, and the vx7000 is loud enough by default that anyone in the room can hear it =[. Other than that it looked pretty much the same, so why would I spend 20 bucks more for it?

    What really caught my eye though was the Motorola E815. This one costs $70 more, but it really felt like a real phone. Unlike the cheezy sales-driven menus on my vx7000, sorted into their respective services, the menus on this were actually helpful and loaded with features. And they looked cool too. The vx6100 menus look great too-- why did they change em? Is it possible to change how my menus look and are organized? If the vx6100 could take videos I'd totally buy it. The motorola's contacts list is so much more intuitive, and actually displays pictures by my contacts. It has more voice commands than the LG vx7000. Everything is more accessible. Unfortunately, some of the reviews say it has really bad voice quality, and since this is my first mobile phone, I should probably use the vx7000 for a while so I can tell the difference later.

    Anyway, can anyone explain to me exactly what good changing the IP and port my phone connects to for its browser will do for me? People seem to think this is a useful feature. How exactly does this work?

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