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    Hi. Has anyone else had this problem.
    I got this phone 4 months ago and am having troubles charging the battery. When I place the phone on the charger the red light blinks as if it's charging but when I look at the phone hours later, it has no increased battery life, and over time loses life. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    It's not suppose to blink, it's suppose to stay red and when the battery has charged, the light will turn green.

    Whats happening is your not snapping the phone into the charger all the way.

    Yeah, I know, it will seem like your going to break the charger (or the side pieces that hold the phone anyway) but you won't. Just put one side of the phone in first, then push down on the otherside till you hear it snap in place. If you have done it right, the red light will come and continuously glow red (not blink).

    As I stated before, once the phone has charged, the light will turn green.
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