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    I have a 8100 and I was wondering if nebody has tried to use their phone almost like an ipod through the head unit. I was thinking if you bought a headphone -> RCA adapter, pluged that in the headphone jack, and plugged the RCA cables in to an aux input on the back of the headunit, then you might be able to play the mp3s from your phone through the headunit on the car. I was wondering if nebody has tried this??

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    Lots of people have tried it. Some report only getting one channel of audio or having to "fiddle" with the plug to make it work.

    Getting the right plug is essential, because the headset plug is for 4 elements:

    Left Channel
    Right Channel

    Most adaptors are only for one channel of audio and one mic plus ground -- 3 elements.

    You can use an FM transmitter to send the music to your vehicle's stereo...though hardwiring it to inputs would be a far better solution.

    Radio Shack has a little adaptor for FM transmission that actually takes the tiny speaker output to a suction cup mic and then sends it out. IMHO this doesn't work very well at all for music.

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    I was unimpressed with the performance of my FM transmitter and MP3's from my palm...

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