ok i just got a new LG 8100 and i'm not to good on phones. I know there's programs and stuff to use to upload mp3's to your phone and whatnot but i have no clue on how to do it and what software you need with the phone and on your computer. Whats the best software to use. I don't have the memory disk their talking about either. Basically i'm getting what verizon is sending me. So what is a good site or whats the easiest way to get MP3 ringtones to my phone. I'm willing to pay a site to have them sent to my phone but all the sites i see don't support the LG 8100 phone. Can someone give me some good advice or some sites or lead me in a good direction on what to do either way. I'd prefer to download them on the phone for free but all this phone stuff is confusing.

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