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    hey i've been looking for hours and hours for a driver for my vx7000. i can't find one anywhere so if anyone knows a site where i can get it or can send me a copy i would really really appreciate it. it's driving me crazy. thanks
    [email protected]

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    LG appears to have taken the driver off the site...dunno why...or maybe I'm not hitting the "right" page. It used to be there. I've e-mailed you.

    They also used to distribute their own USB phone "manager." BitPim works much better.

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    LG usb modem driver

    I Figured out how to easily connect your phone to your computer.
    • Go to www(dot)vzam(dot)net/vcastmusic/ You might need an account on verizonwireless.com.

    • At this page you should be promted with 4 Steps to download the driver and the Rhapsody Music Player.

    • Download the Driver and the Rhapsody Music player and it will automatically read your cellphone letting you click and drag all imported songs to your phone, uploading instantly!

    *If Rhapsody doesn't read your phone, you must unplug and replug your phone to the usb cord.

    *You can't transfer music from CD to Phone. You must first import a CD to your computer before transferring. Rhapsody does this for you. Check all tracks to be imported then Click IMPORT


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