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    Question #1 - Is there a way to transfer MP3's to the VX9800 without a miniSD?

    If yes, how?

    If not, then I gather that I need buy a miniSD and data cable?

    From there I insert the miniSD into the phone, hit a couple buttons and format the miniSD.

    Remove it and then add my mp3's to the miniSD using a miniSD card reader.

    Wich leads me to...

    Question #2 - Wtf is a miniSD card reader?

    Haha.. I'm rather new to technology.

    Help me out.

    Edited in - If you have this phone and use the MP3 side of the phone, what disk do you have and what card reader are you rocking?


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    Well, with a 128 megs of internal memory, I suppose you could put some songs on the phone without using a memory card, but I would highly recommend getting a MiniSD.

    Notorious for disabling OBEX (Object Exchange) profile support (bluetooth), Verizon Wireless took the unprecedented step of allowing users to connect the VX9800 to a laptop, allowing wireless transfer of data and multimedia. Synchronizing applications, consumers can use an external USB cable or go wirelessly through Verizon Wireless (Wireless Sync) for a $10 monthly subscription fee plus airtime.

    As for what disk, you can either look in your owners manual, or go to and/or call a Verizon Store and ask them. You can buy a card reader just about any place. I bought one for my laptop at Walmart for $19.95. I bought my cards at Best Buy.
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