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    My LG AX5000 stores videos in mjpg format. I can't find an application that reads this format. Does anyone know what will read it?

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    The videos from my VX8000 are associated to realplayer. But when I open them, I always get a message saying it's in use or something. Maybe you can download a plugin or something? Never got a chance to play with mine yet

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    The videos are 3g2 files (3gpp2)

    Both Quicktime and RealPlayer can handle them. If your RPlayer isn't working, suggest you download an updated version. Older versions of both QT and RP will NOT play 3g2 files. It may be saying it's busy because it's searching for a codec online.

    Regarding the original poster's question about motion jpeg...the only thing I've ever seen play these files was a little homebrew app meant to take timed webcamera images and make a move out of them. There's got to be other, better players out there and it will take some searching.

    It's called "motion jpeg" or "video jpeg" as I recall.
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