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    I am hearing different things? Does the VX9800 support corporate email like a Blackberry?!? Very frustrated with the people at the Verizon dealer saying they "don't know for sure." Great!!! That helps!!! Anyways, you guys seem to know more than them anyways...

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    Like most of the LG phones, the 9800 will support reading and writing e-mail. But whether you can directly log into your mail server is doubtful. Your corporate account should support webmail...try connecting to that link to check. Your system administrator should be able to tell you straightaway if there's any mobile mail available.

    An easy solution if there's not: Open a Yahoo mail account and set your inbox at the office to forward a copy of all your incoming mail to the Yahoo account.
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    Thank you reader ... I hunted for an answer on this one, but have little experience with corporate email

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    It also depends on how your corporate e-mail is set up. Can you access your corporate e-mail from home without using VPN software? If your corporate e-mail is "POP3" mail, or accessable from Outlook, you can use Verizon's Wireless Sync Software to access and send e-mail from the phone.

    Software needs to be installed on a PC that has Outlook running, and you will access the e-mail on the phone from the application called "Wireless Sync Email" from the messaging menu. It will not be in the Inbox and such that txt messages and voice messages are. You can sync calendar and contacts too, but don't be confused.. The calendar data from outlook goes into the Wireless Sync E-mail App's Calendar, not the built in calendar in the Tools menu of the phone.

    Also be careful when sync-ing contacts because it will sync your Outlook Contacts with the phone's directory and this may or may not do what you expect.

    Check out the following links from Verizon's Data Support Page:

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    GMail is now WAP enabled.

    Just forward it all to a GMail account. Easier.

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    you can try to use the WAPd email accesor at I registered so I can use msn, icq, and mirc free... with out ussing text charges for thier versions. I have the unlimited Vcast package. This is the setup it shows on my page...hope that might help you out!

    Configure Wapmailer

    Mailserver (POP3 / IMAP4):
    Outgoing server (SMTP):
    Protokoll (pop3 / imap4

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