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    We're going with Verizon shared minutes and two phones. Help us choose between the LG5200, LG6100 or the LG8100. We just want:
    1) Bright screen
    2) Ringtones per caller
    3) Picture ID on caller



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    Personally, I have had a VX6100 for the last year and just this week turned it over to my daughter after buying the Razr V3c. The VX6100 is a workhorse of a phone, if you don't mind sub-megapixel pics. I was able to get some really nice midi ringtones loaded up and any pic that I could crop to the correct proportions worked great.

    My wife is most likely going to be upgrading to the VX8100 with her NE2 on Verizon, because she wants the SD card expansion and MP3 player controls.

    As for the VX5200, I have not used it myself, but from what I have seen it is as barebones as they come. If it were me, I would pay the few extra sheckels and get the VX6100 or VX8100.

    Good luck, either way you go, I don't think you will be disappointed!
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    I'm really liking the mp3 player on the 8100. For your needs the 6100 should work just fine though.

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