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    I need a new phone asap and I can get these ones on a good price. basically, I need to decide by tomorrow. can anyone throw at me any of their suggestions/comments? thanks in advanced

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    I have looked at the reviews for both these phones, and as far as features, they seem almost the same. it comes down to whether you want a flip phone or a slide phone. the 6200 looks a lot like my LG PM-225, and I love my phone.

    The 325 may have a slightly longer talk-time on the battery, but the 6200 has a longer standby time. The 325 doesn't have speakerphone, which is a feature I love on my PM-225.

    According to where I looked, the 325 is a Tri-mode phone, and the 6200 is CDMA. are you sure both phones are compatible with your carrier's network?

    Oooh just noticed also the 325 is blue-tooth enabled. Is that a feature you think you need? Personally, if the choice were mine I would go with the 6200 but that's just me because I like the flip-style and the customizable external color screen. Some people hate flip phones.

    Last thing I noticed, the 325 has an internal antenna. That's the ONLY thing i don't particularly like about my PM-225. The 6200 has a traditional antenna and I'm betting it probably gets a better signal inside buildings. Again, thats just another guess/assumption. Hope this helps... try googling the phones in quotation marks "LG 325" and "LG 6200" get them both up on the screen next to each other and compare all the features for yourself. Good luck deciding!

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