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    its fairly new (june 2005.) out of nowhere though, it just stopped working. its in perfect physical condition, with just several scratches here in there. it hasnt been dropped on the ground or in water as far as i know.

    when i turn it on, itll freeze on the CINGULAR screen. the screen on the outside of the phone freezes also. thats as far as it gets. then it wont turn off unless i unplug the charger or take out the battery.

    SOMETIMES, i plug the charger in and itll say CHARGING but then it freezes again.

    any ideas of what could be wrong?

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    The same thing happens to me once and a while and it happens when somebody calls me if i dont answer i will look on the outside of the phone and it will say the persons name that is calling as if it was still ringing.

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    Well to me it seems that it is a technical defection, which should be covered under your phone warranty. How long have you had your phone? I think the warranty is for one year only.

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