I have been searching google all day long looking for a solution for a
possible christmas gift. What I am trying to find out is how do I
create my own docking station for a cell phone.
My brother has an LG vx4500
and I am trying to connect it to a Homer Simpson phone (!!!)

I know they make docking stations online, like the dock-n-talk or cidco
merge. But what I really want to try and do is make the connector
myself, it really shouldnt be that hard, figure I would ask around
online for some tips. Im feeling the electronic fever since I put some
life into my ti99

I know sparkfun had an article for a rotary phone
but that just seemed way more complicated than it needs to be, because
with the rotary you need to decode the sequence then convert it to a
tone, but with a tone you just need to make sure the sound gets
processed correct? I might be out of my league but im a quick learner
if I get pushed in the right direction

Any response would be gratefully appreciated

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