I have had a samsung phone with sprint for some time now and the thing I like most about it is I can use it as a very fast modem for my laptop for ten bucks a month with sprints vision servise.

My company just switched to Verizon and gave me a new phone A vx5200 I like the phone and verizon as a phone but I need internet servise in the field (for Email mostly (and no, I'm not doing it on the phone!))

I know this can be done and know how to set up the pc end (*777, ECT) What I don't know is the driver/ cable combo I need and How Verizons T.O.S. handles this. IE: I don't want to get stuck with a big bill.

Any help? You can respond here or Email me @ [email protected] I know a few cool things so I might can help you if you help me.

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