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    Hey I just picked up the LG vx5200 as an upgrade today from verizon. So far it looks like a good phone, hopefully I will not have any complaints.

    Quick question- Which ringtone program would you recommend getting? I had modtones on my old vx6000... it was an average program. They had a handful of tones that I really liked, but it wasnt exactly great. I dont especially need tones that are actual music (like the sony one?) but a program that offers both polyphonic and real musc tones (if such a program exists) would be great. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot

    *also anyone who had a vx6000 (or 6001) in the past, how do you feel the 5200 compares?

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    I just rip my CD's to MP3 files and edit. There are a number of editors out there.

    That way, I get not only the song I want, but the PART of the song I want.

    Audacity is a good, free recorder/editor.

    Audiograbber is an excellent ripper.

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