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    Hey guys, i have a LG G4015 phone from cingular. I get dropped calls all the time, when i do make a call with 5 bars, it goes down to 1 then 0 and it says some error like "temporary fail" or somethng else like that. Or it will say disconnect i guess meaning the call got dropped. It also says "SOS Only" I have no idea what that is. I dont know much about the technicial specs of a cell phone. But i was looking and the G4015 only has dual band meanwhile other cell phones which im looking into like the sony ericsson w600i or the z520a has quad band. Can anyone tell me what this means and if i do buy a new phone if i will get better service and i will get less dropped calls? Thanks for the info. Oh and heres the link to the phone i currently have. G4015

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