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    Hi, I own an LG-PM 225 and would greatly appreciate help on changing the face plate. The dogs recently got ahold of my phone, and they chewed up the back and asthetically damaged the front. I ordered a new back and front faceplate from an online store. The back works perfectly, but I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to put the front face on.
    I took my phone to the Sprint store (my provider) but their repair guy refused to work on it.
    There appears to be four screw sockets on the back of my new faceplate, so I'm assuming that the one I bought will screw in some how once the old one is removed. If anyone could provide instructions on how to open the phone and do this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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    hello, you might want to try editing your post to make the title more specific, this will help you get noticed by someone who knows how to help you fix your problem.

    i would say "need help changing faceplate on LG PM-225"

    good luck! oh, did you already try googling it? that might turn up something...

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    When you open your phone, there are four rubber pads that need to be removed (carefully). Under them you will find four phillips screws that need to be removed (use a T6 screwdriver or a small eyeglass or jeweler's screwdriver). Be very careful that you don't lose anything. The screws are very, very small.

    Once you have the four screws out, you are going to have to gently pry off the old cover. Be careful doing this but firm. If you start at once side/corner with a small knife or object of that nature, it should just pop off. It may seem like it's going to break, but in my experience in doing this (5 so far) I have yet to break one while taking them off.

    Once the old faceplate is off, the tricky part comes in. If there are any rubber gaskets, pads, etc., they will need to be carefully removed from the old and put on the new faceplate. These are critical as they act as a dust protector, buffer pad from vibration, etc.

    Once you have done all that, simple reverse the process and put your new faceplate back on. That's all there is to it....LOL.

    I would suggest doing this on a large clear area such as your kitchen table. I have lost a buffer pad while doing this....damn thing bounced clear across my table and right off the other end into my carpet. Luckily I have other phones that I can scrounge parts from.
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