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    Hi, this is my first post here, hopefully you guys can help me out!! I just purchased an lg vx9800. One of the things I liked most about it, was the mp3 player, as I don't own one (yes I know, I am WAY behind)!! Unfortunately, it does not have a headphone jack. This really makes the whole phone pretty useless to me, as I would like to listen to mp3s as I walk to class and whatnot.

    Now, I realize I can just get a headset, but here are my problems with that:
    1. I don't want a microphone, so any of the ones with bulky microphones are out
    2. I would love to not blow alot when I already have headphones anyway
    3. This is the big one. I do NOT want only one speaker. If I leave one ear open and I am cutting the grass for instance, I won't be able to hear anything on the mp3 player, because the outside noise will drown it out..

    So my big question, is does someone make a headset that has TWO speakers, one for each ear?? I really don't even care how clear they are, or if they are stereo, I just want sound in BOTH my ears!!

    Sorry for the long first post, and if this should have gone somewhere else. I am new to this forum, go easy

    Thanks for any help!!

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    Re: headphones for cells??

    i hav a vx9800 right in front of me... im listening to it through headphones... which are plugged into the jack thats on the side of the phone... and on the inside of the phone there are great, really loud speakers....
    u confuse me
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