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    Hey everyone. I joined this forum, hoping that your knowledge of Cell Phones and hopefully the software, could aid me. I bought a Data Cable off of Ebay a long time ago, maybe.. September? Anyway, after discovering it couldn't work, I kind of tossed it aside. But now, I want to use it, and it doesn't seem to work still! When I connect the Data Cable to the phone, it doesn't detect it on the computer! Now, I borrowed my step-mothers cell phone, and it works with hers. I believe she has an LG 5550? And I'm stuck with an LG 5400. Now, The eBay listing said it would work with a long list of diffrent models, one of them being the LG 5400. But, it doesn't work. Anybody know what I could do? Or at least, what the problem is?


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    Did you get cable drivers along with the cable? Maybe try to download proper drivers off of the internet. Different phones need different drivers. Make sure your phone is set to the proper setting for PC connection.

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