I have a new LG 6200 I would appreciate a little help with. It does not say VX6200 like some Verzion ones, just LG 6200 on the box, and it's set up on Bell Canada's service. I've bought a USB data cable, and installed the drivers that came with it from

The computer picks up the cell phone correctly on COM 8, and it charges fine. But there is an unknown device under Windows Portable Devices, and I can't seem to really communicate with the phone. I tried BitPim and it gave an exception error. All I want to do is transfer the photos from the camera to my PC. I'm on a prepaid service, and I don't seem to have any other way to transfer the photos to anything.

Please help. Thank you in advance! If anyone can get this working, I'll even give some CPF $ away, if I can figure out how to do that as well.

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