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    Does anyone know how to delete ringtones from an LG VX6100? I've tried and can't seem to figure it out. Thanks for any help...

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    Well, first I looked up your user manual on google. I found it HERE. You can use adobe reader to search key words, and that's how I skipped all the way to manual pg 78 (adobe pg 40).

    Sounds (Menu, 7, 2)
    Allows you to choose the ring tones heard for incoming calls.
    1. Press Left Soft Key, 7, 2.
    2. Use Up, Down Arrows to highlight your selection.

    beethovens_fifth / dreamsequence / ode_to_joy /
    rainforest / train
    3. Press
    ● Left Soft Key Set As
    Set As Contacts / Set As Caller ID / Set as No
    Caller ID / Set As Restrict
    Right Soft Key Options
    Rename / Erase / Erase All

    If there is a separate menu for downloaded ringtones as there is on my phone, the deletion process should be very similar. It's probably in the manual too. Hope this helps.

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