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    I have an LX5550, and was wondering how to save a voice memo as a ringer. On my friend's LG3200 he can just record the memo, and it automatically puts it in as a ringer. Also after saving a memo on my phone, when I look at the memo's details it shows as fallows:

    (Name of memo)
    019k 0min 11sec
    Caller ID:

    I am guessing that there is someway I can save the ringer because it says "caller ID" because I can't think of any other reason for Caller ID to be on this screen.
    Is there some setting that I need to change, or am I just out of luck.

    Please help!

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    Re: How to change voice memo to ringer

    well i have an lg ax245....and if i record a memo...i can go to audio...recorded audio..click options on the file..click set as...and it has 1.ringtone 2.ringer id 3. message alerts as options...thats how mines is..hope that helps

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    Re: How to change voice memo to ringer

    well i have a lg vx3400 and i record my voice memo and then you click the options button and do set as. it comes up with a list contacts, caller id, no caller id, or restrict. select caller id. then go to your tones and you should see your voice memo file there. go to it and hit the ok button is should then say caller id is set to "whatever your voice memo is titled."

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