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    I have a choice of getting a LG VX 7000 or sticking with my LG VX 4500. Which one should I get? I like the 4500 because it has speakerphone and the menus are nice (but those 2 aren't a real neccessity) BUT I like the 7000 a lot because of the camera. If you had a choice between those 2 phones, which would you choose, why, and what does one phone have that the other doesn't. Sorry for making you answer so much, I just really want to know which phone I should get.

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    Honesty, I wouldn't choose either. Both phones are very old, and outdated.

    The camera on the 7k is terrible compared to what is on the market now-a-days. Both menu's should be very simular as they are both LG products.

    The 7000 does have the advantage of screen size (both outside and inside), and it can play real ringtones (mp3 clips), whereas the 4500 can't.

    If those were my only two choices, I'd go with the 7k (not to mention that I had both the blue and the black 7000 when they came out years ago).
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    I'm not buying it as a new phone. my brother is getting a new phone and he said i could take it if i wanted it. im just tryin to see if its better than the lg vx 4500 i have now. thanks for the post.

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