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    I know I can download things to the Razr via the usb port which is a feature I like. However, I like the fact that the LG 8100 has an mp3 player. I guess my question is does anyone know if the LG 8100 has a usb port where I can load ringtones or mp3 songs to the phone? Any help would be great.

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    Re: LG 8100 Vs the Razr

    the 8100 is NEW.. lots of hacking info to be compiled yet.. i'd go and grab this unit today if i didn't renew my contract last month ;(

    oh well.. i'm very happy with my fully seem edited v710..

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    Re: LG 8100 Vs the Razr

    Myself, I would go with the 8100 over the Razr, especially if your into music.

    The fully functional mp3 player and the expanded memory slot make it a hands down winner.

    Buy a 1 gig memory card for the phone, and you can put hours of music on the phone. Get tired of the music you have on it, just plug the memory card into a card reader (most new computer's have card readers build into them, or buy an external one that plugs into a usb port for about $20), delete the songs that are on the card - or the ones you no longer want - and drag and drop new music from your computer onto the card. Pull the card out of the reader, put it back into your phone, and start enjoying the new music!
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    Re: LG 8100 Vs the Razr

    I'm new but I just have to say....I was originally going to get the 8100, being a user of LG for awhile, but feel into the trap of the Pink Razr. I loved how slim it was and how it looked but for the two weeks I had it, I had more problems with it freezing, not connecting correctly to bluetooth, and people not always hearing me on it. I got rid of it and got the 8100. MUCH better. And yes, both versions of the phones were the most current. The 8100 just kicks butt in so many ways!


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