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    hey new here i have a question. i have searched all over but cant find anything on it. i have an ax5000 and i went to put a couple of pictures on it and when i checked them they didnt show so i went to erase them when i did they wont erase. no matter what i do they wont erase or rename. i use the datapilot cable and software to transfer back and forth. i checked their website and there is no help there. any help is appreciated.

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    Re: ax5000 pics wont erase

    call LG's technical support or your wireless services technical support.

    every bit of information on troubleshooting for your phone, they have the answers.

    i work for technical support for Cingular Wireless

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    Re: ax5000 pics wont erase

    I had the same problem when using datapilot. I found that under the edit tab in datapilot there is a 'delete all' tab. Be sure to back up anything You want off Your phone as it does delete all from that dir. I had tried to put a pic of a playboy bunny head but it came out blank for some reason, but it still showed "playboy" on my phone. LOL so I deleted everything so the wife wouldnt raise too much trouble. Hope this helps


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