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    what are the choice u can get for moblie web on verzion.... that mean u can surf website wit the plan correct? is it also fast?>

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    Re: vx9800 n web

    you need Mobile Web 2.0 on your account and depending on where you live depends on how fast it is. if your in an EVDO area then it's pretty fast. if your in a Nation Access Area then it's ok but its not as good as EVDO for sure. you can check email, weather, sports, driving directions, shop, and you can go to some regular website but they come up a little distorted becuase of the smaller screen.
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    Re: vx9800 n web

    if u do get the internet be sure to get unlimited access....it is well worth it and it doesnt cost much more. i pay $15 extra a month for unlimited internet and v-cast. btw, if u dont get unlimited, the time ur on the internet counts as minutes on ur phone....so dont get caught up in that mess like i did

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    Re: vx9800 n web

    You can get regular internet from Verizon for $4.99 a month, or as Ryan stated, get the V-Cast package for $15 a month which includes internet.

    A lot of sites are now adding WAP access to their sites as it's becoming more and more popular as more hand held devices have internet access on them. Our site here for instance has WAP access to it. To access our site via your handheld, go to:

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