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    Is there a way to use the buttons on the face of the 8100 to play my songs. I look up the songs on my phone (from memory card) and play them, but as soon as I shut the phone the song quits playing. I know they will work somehow because they are Play/Pause, forward, and reverse. Please help me out. Also is there anyway to make a playlist, it sucks playing the songs individually. Thanks

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    Re: 8100 Face buttons

    First you have to activate the short cut by going into Menu> tools > shortcut key> play key. You should also check to make sure that the MP3 is enabled. First you need to hit menu 0 ( continuously)the service code is all 000000 ( 6 Zeros). Scroll down to (11) Music Settings hit ok select MP3 Enable.

    This should solve your problem.



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    Re: 8100 Face buttons

    just hold down the play button for about 3 sec and it should start playing your playlist.
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