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    I see these people who have multiple cell phones. Do these people have different phone numbers for each phone? If so why in the world do these people do this? Can you get multiple phones with the same phone number?

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    Re: additional phone

    If your cell provider uses GSM or iDEN service, the phone has a SIM card in it, and you can pop that card out and stick it in another compatible phone. Your phone number and contacts all go with the SIM card over to the new phone. CDMA providers like Sprint, Verizon, and Alltel do not use SIM cards and you actually have to call the provider to activate a different phone.

    I know a few people that have more than one phone and move their SIM card to a different phone when they get bored with carrying the same phone around all the time.

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    Re: additional phone

    I use quite a few also (with Verizon).

    My personal (LG VX 9800)
    Work (Moto E 815) - Personal phone but company pay's the bill
    Wifes (LG 4500)
    Daughters (LG 3300)
    House (Audio 9900)
    Office (LG 8000)
    3x V265 Pre-pays (emergency phones for my truck, wifes jeep, and saddle bags that I throw on whatever bike I ride)

    I do not have a lan line anymore in my house. Just added a couple lines for $9.95 a month for house and office.
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    Re: additional phone

    I have 2 diferent phones. Each have differents numbers. One gives me the best deal on rates. The other gives me coverage as an emergency phone where my primany doesn't get coverage. Usually the emergency phone just stays in the car. I suppose some carry a personal and a buiness phone.

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    Re: additional phone

    Supid telus and there no sim card bull. i wish i could have more phones but it's just kinda impractical
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