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    I have the LG VX8100 and the standby time seems to be at the most 2 days.Is this normal? What can I do??? Should I look into getting a new phone even though my contract isn't up?

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    Re: standby time LGVX8100

    How is your reception at home? Does your phone have a few bars when it's sitting on your dining table, or does it go "searching for service" a lot? When your phone is looking for a signal, it uses a lot of battery power, and I've heard of people in rural areas with poor reception having to charge their phones more frequently than people like me in a city with towers everywhere.

    Short of that possibility, I might start wondering if your battery had a problem, but I don't really have enough information to make that assumption. I know when I travel my battery will die in a day because of all the time spent jumping from sprint to roaming to analog to digital to searching etc...

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    Re: standby time LGVX8100

    you have one of those flashing antennas right? this uses up your battery and it is reducing your signal even if it is just a little and that would make you more battery because like brad said it's searching for a strong signal.
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