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    Jane Borgmann
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    My daughter gets call from my LG5200, sometime at 5am.
    How is this possible, and tonight her TMobile called my cell. She said she did not do it and mine called hers and I had not phoned her.
    Is there something in Verizon with my phone number?

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    Re: my cell phone calls my daughters LG5200

    I've gotten calls from people who accidentally dialed me from their address book while their phone was in their pocket or purse, but aside from that I've never heard of one phone dialing another without something pushing a button or rubbing against it, do you think that's a possibility?

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    Jane Borgmann
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    Re: my cell phone calls my daughters LG5200

    No the phone was sitting here on the table tonight and she said i called her.
    My phone rang tonight, it was her number and picture, but she said she didn't call. It is a mystery
    Thanks for the suggestion though.

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    Re: my cell phone calls my daughters LG5200

    Howdy Jane,

    I have had this happen from time to time with friends, and it's almost always a glitch in the cell system. The few times I have answered the phone, it's not been the person the caller ID said it was, and the person on the other end was just as confused as I was. And when I ask them what number their trying to call, it's not even close to to my number, so this tells me that, yup it's a glitch in the system somewhere in how the calls get routed.

    What Cingular and T-Mobile has said is that sometimes, when calls go through they get crossed in some fashion, and the calls get routed to the wrong phone. Even when all parties know that the number they are calling has been dialed correctly.

    A version of the same thing happens when you are talking on the phone and all of a sudden you hear other people talking, most of the time they can't hear you, but you can hear one or both sides of the conversation.
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    Re: my cell phone calls my daughters LG5200

    The first thing I would suggest you do is to update both phones with *228. Make sure that you choose both options (this will require 2 calls from each phone).

    If you still encounter the problem after updating your phone, then take them both to a Verizon Tech site and have them look at the account settings and then test the phones.
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