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    i accidentally got some pool water onto my LG VX5200 when it was on . I went home and wiped the water off and blow dried the phone for a lilttle.After that i put the battery in and turn the phone on.There was nothing except for a blue screen.I took the batery out and put the phone next to a fan for a couple of days.tHen i put the battery in and turn the phone on .The phone turn on perfect except there was no sound. The screen said Service requested and when i try to reactivate my phnoe again the phone wont let me make any phone call. I checked the sound and it say sound-car kit. I tried charging my phone and it still the same. I brought my phone to the verizon store and they said that wen the phone say carkit then its ruined.I dont know wat to do..everything work just fine except for the sound and i cant make phone calls.Help me ! my mom will freak if she know i ruined my phone.

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    Re: service requested/car kit HELP!

    There really is nothing that can be done for a water damaged phone.

    I know this isn't going to help now, but you should not have done anything to the phone except took the battery out and dried it off...then let it sit someplace for like three days before attempting to put the battery back in and trying it out.

    The best thing is to just tell your mom and get it over with.

    You can try and check places like our For Sale/Trade forum to see if somebody is selling a 5200 for cheap, or even Ebay.
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    Re: service requested/car kit HELP!

    like the boss said, if your phone ever gets wet, taking the battery out immediately is the best approach. ebay has the 5200 for $60-90 used if you look around. "service required" is bad to see on a phone....usually means its fried for good. Sometimes phones will come out of carkit mode but its usually within 3-4 days....if its been longer i doubt theres any hope...

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