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    i was wondering if there was a way to take a picture from your computer and send it to your cell phone and use that as your wall paper? (sorry for the dumb n00b question)
    i have the LG8300 and i just got it today


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    Re: your own wallpaper? help?

    There are several ways to get a picture from your pc to your phone. I prefer using the external card which i plug into the computer and copy any file from the computer to the external card. The external card acts an an additional disk drive in this scenario.

    Be sure to put the picture into the folder "my pix".

    Once it is on the card, in the proper folder, put the card back into the phone and use tools/wallpaper to install the picture as the phone wallpaper.

    you may then remove the picture from the card and it will remain as your wall paper.

    If you dont have an external card. you should be able to transfer the pic from you pc to the phone using the usb cable (purchased seperately). If I were to spend for the usb cable, I would rather spend for the external card. For about the price of the usb cable, i purchased a 1gig card so now I can have tons of pics and music on my card accessible via the phone.

    Also, I never send a pic or music as it is quite costly. I transfer from the card to the pc and email the items.

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    Re: your own wallpaper? help?

    If you have an LCD monitor, you could always just take a picture of the picture on the monitor too. It sounds ghetto, but I've actually had pretty good results doing that. The ways listed above are much better, but if you have trouble doing that....

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