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    I just picked up a LG lx350 and now that ive been looking around for stuff i realize that no one has anything yet... how long does it take for some of these second source vendors to get stuff going for phones... i know a lot is just packaging but even still their website dont list support of these phones... im mainly looking for a data cable and i know that it is most likely the same cable as a bunch of the other lg phones but none the less they dont mention the phone anywhere... thanks

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    Re: How long does second market take to support new phones

    It mostly depends on how popular the phone is.

    The newer phones such as the Razor, the V, etc already have aftermarket items for them as they are in such wide use.

    Other phone's won't get aftermarket items for a very long time if ever. It's just not in the best interest of the manufacturer's to produce products that will never or rarely get sold.
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