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    I just picked up the VX 8300 yesterday and, while I think it's a great phone, I am confused about one feature. When the phone is on is the front LCD screen supposed to be blank? My old LG phone always showed the date, time, etc in a powered down mode but the screen on the 8300 is totally blank unless a call is coming in. It is also blank when charging. Is this supposed to be this way?

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    Re: VX 8300 Front Display Blank?

    when i had the phone, it would be blank like what you're describing, but it would turn on if i hit a side button

    it has some sort of power-save mode since it's a color outer screen

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    Re: VX 8300 Front Display Blank?

    Yeah, the manufacturer default is to have the outside screen shut off in order to save the battery life. I haven't messed around with the 8300 as much, but the 5200 did the same thing. The 5200 had the option to turn the outside screen on all the time, but the battery drains fast. It's one of those things you have to choose one or the other.

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    Re: VX 8300 Front Display Blank?

    I figure it's fine that the display is off because whenever I want to check the time, I pull the phone out of my pocket, and as I am doing so I usually acidentally press one of the side buttons, thus turning the screen on. So it's not a big deal IMO. I'd rather have better battery life than the (IMO) unnecessary convenience of always being able to glance over and see the time.
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    Re: VX 8300 Front Display Blank?

    I asked the same question at the verizon "help desk", and i was promptly told that they weren't sure, i would have to "call the help desk"....great advice!!!! But aside from that, it's a cool feature to have the clock/date on all the time, like on my last phone which was a Samsung, but it didn't have a color front display, so it didn't drain the battery quickly. Sorta long answer to a short question, but it's one or the other unfortunately.

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    Re: VX 8300 Front Display Blank?

    It's very inefficient energy-wise to have it on always. Just press the sidebutton. there's no effort involved, unless you have no fingers. ;-) It's good exercise.

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    Re: VX 8300 Front Display Blank?

    Just hit the middle play button on the cover to see the time/date.

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    Re: VX 8300 Front Display Blank?

    The front display can't be left on not because it is color, but because it is OLED. On a regular display, the display can be left on while the backlight is turned off to save power. With OLED displays, the display and the backlight are one in the same.

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